7 Things that Neurolanguage Coaches® do that make a difference to Language Learning. written by Rachel Paling

1.      A Neurolanguage Coach® is certified and accredited by a training course that is accredited by the International Coach Federation, and knows how to connect the coaching ethics and standards, competences, models, goal and action setting as well as coaching models to the language learning process.

 2.      In addition, a Neurolanguage Coach® delivers constant brain-friendly coaching conversations, through their own awareness of how the “fight or flight” state may be triggered when learning a language. In addition, an NL Coach® also recognizes social and emotional pain and xenoglossophobia, the fear and anxiety of speaking foreign languages and can expertly coach learners around those triggers.

 3.      A Neurolanguage Coach® is constantly bringing awareness about the brain into the learning process; neuroplasticity; neurogenesis; the thinking and performing brain; how the brain learns through association; different learning styles; the learning journey; the learning plateau; spaced-out learning; the limbic system; emotional and social pain and never loses his/her own curiosity to learn more and more about the brain and bring this “brain-based” information to the learner whenever possible.

 4.      A Neurolanguage Coach® is always fully conscious of the cost-effectiveness of the process and manages the process and is accountable and at the same time gets the learner to take ownership and responsibility for the learning, so that there is a constant connection to results and goal achievement and a constant review of progress.

5.      A Neurolanguage Coach® knows how to coach languages without books and knows how to deliver expert brain friendly coaching conversations around any grammatical area, transforming grammar into extremely interesting, live, interactive, real and personal conversations, which constantly lead the learner to “aha” moments.

 6.      A Neurolanguage Coach® understands the importance of connecting native to target language wherever possible and “disconnecting” wherever there are false friends, assisting the learner to create bridges to enhance memory retention and create new neural networks whenever totally new information is being learnt. The NL Coach® constantly provokes those associations and bridges and knows that in fact researchers have shown that it helps the brain if it can reuse characteristics of our mother tongue when learning a new language. (Kirsten Weber, Morten H. Christiansen, Karl Magnus Petersson, Peter Indefrey, and Peter Hagoort. fMRI Syntactic and Lexical Repetition Effects Reveal the Initial Stages of Learning a New Language. Journal of Neuroscience, June 2016 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3180-15.2016)

 7.      A Neurolanguage Coach® knows how to help a learner connect with inner motivation so much and keeps the learner motivated throughout the learning process, encouraging the learner to really become an independent learner and tap into his/her own learning resources to assist the learner to achieve a faster and effective learning process.

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