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Flow in English - Shona Bannatyne - Coaching English

Are you anxious about using English in your professional life?

Do presentations, meetings, job interviews, or socializing with clients make you feel uncomfortable?  If so, Language Coaching is perfect for you…

” I can help you gain fluency in English and equip you with the essential confidence you need to overcome any challenge you are facing “

We will work together with Neurolanguage Coaching® to help you learn effectively and overcome your language-related fears, ensuring your success with English.

My aim is to help you speak English naturally and confidently. By focusing on your mindset towards English, we will calm the negative thoughts that are blocking your progress and create a new positive relationship with the language.

Feeling nervous, lacking confidence, encountering mental blocks, and experiencing demotivation are common problems for language learners. Neurolanguage Coaching® offers the solution you’re looking for.

Neurolanguage Coaching® combines coaching and neuroscience to provide a new way of learning. An essential part is understanding your emotional responses that can be limiting your English proficiency. The coaching sessions focus on your goals and are conducted in a brain-friendly manner.

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