Finding your flow...

Finding your flow...

Many English learners have found the experience of learning and using English stressful and frustrating, the mission of Flow in English is to help clients feel relaxed and comfortable using English and get into a state of flow.

What is a state of flow?

  • Feeling calm and comfortable
  • Feeling energized and motivated
  • Having full attention without effort or stress
  • A sense of personal satisfaction
  • Optimal performance
  • Being fully immersed in an activity
  • Not being conscious of time or difficulties
  • Harmony
  • Creativity
  • Pure enjoyment and a sense of pride
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Sounds good – So how can we reach this state in English?

  • Through a deep exploration of your emotional responses in situations where you use English
  • Analysis of your common thoughts and beliefs about your capabilities in English (moderating those beliefs to find supportive and beneficial ways of thinking)
  • Focusing on your fundamental motivation for gaining confidence and feeling good about your English
  • Setting clearly defined objectives
  • Focusing on specific activities which will help you to reach your objectives
  • Creating a personalized action plan to identify exactly how you will obtain your goals
  • Encouraging autonomous learning and practise in order to optimize the learning process

The psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defined the concept of “Flow” back in 1975, but of course, humans have been able to experience this beautiful feeling since time began. How can you begin experiencing flow in English?

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